We LITUP would like to take this chance to say thank you to all of our fans along with our friends and family that made us what we have become, and whom helped out get as far as we did within only 3 years, and only for the better. We must announce though... our time has come to close the book on the LITUP adventure. Due to personal reasons which will not be made known to public, "LITUP" is now officially burnt out and will be currently Over, Broken Up, Through... whatever you wish to use as terms of the end of LITUP in your own choice.
Though, we are not mad, sad, or even close to any of the such. We welcome this as a New Chapter for us all. We have played with the biggest names and bands that have come to FL, we have seen 1000's of faces new and old night after night, we have climbed higher up this mountain of life and music, higher than anyone we know in the area we've covered... And also We all have big things in store and way bigger and longer roads to take. We will not announce whats to come for most of us. Most of the members of LITUP have already begun a new project with fresh new talent and brand new sound that we feel is something NO ONE has ever done before. We cannot wait to see you all again!!

So thank you to everyone in part of the LITUP family! Here's to a great run and 3 years of nothing be good times!! Cheers!!
-Randy, Josh, Tee Jay, Brandon, Danny